A Letter From Down Under

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A Letter From Down Under

A Letter from Down Under

Meet the Daiichi 1550

Hi guys.

Thought I’d send you a photo taken at the Victorian Fly fishing championships held at Lake Eildon Vitoria, Australia.  Daiichi is alive and well used by anglers Down Under.  Attached a rather worn, debarbed and fish chewed Blarney Lodge Bugger (a pattern tied by Pat O’Keefe from New Zealand).  This is a deadly pattern tied on a Daiichi No 1550 size 12.  An unusual size for a Wooly Bugger but nonetheless, a successful fly.  The attached picture is of my beautiful 10 pound rainbow trout caught on this fly during the lake session on Eildon pondage.  Daiichi hooks are super sharp and the fish stick to them.  It’s a real fish slaying hook.  Would appreciate some sample packs of tying hooks for our club, Sunshine Fly Casting Club.  See our web page!

Tight Lines,

Steve Varga

Nice job Steve,  The samples are on their way!

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