A reel goes around the world

A reel goes

Event Rules

We will provide some fly fishers with the very latest VOSSELER DC2-reels and they will go test-fishing with them, each for four weeks.

Similar to a relay race in sports, the reel will be passed on to the next fly fisher after four weeks.

We want to learn what you caught on this tour, what experiences you had with our reel and what adventures you lived through. However, it is not important for us to know what kind of fish you chased or which rod or fishing line you used on the water. Finally, we will find out which reel has travelled the furthest distance.

Subsequently, these reels will be auctioned off for a good cause.

What we will do:

Some selected fly fishers will receive a brand new VOSSELER DC2-reel to fish with at their preferred waters or even at exotic fishing spots.

We will offer you the opportunity to publish your reports and experiences. On our website all participants will be introduced and then we all will wait to hear about your fishing activities on tour. We will look forward to receiving your beautiful pictures and we will enjoy hearing your stories to be published.

All you will have to do:

Just add your name to our list of interested fishermen and give us a good or inventive reason why we should give you one of these reels.

If you are chosen, go fishing and let us participate in your adventures and experiences by sending us your pictures and/or a short report of your tour. After four weeks you will pass on the reel to a good friend or colleague and just let us know who that “lucky one” is. After four more weeks, this fisherman passes the reel on to the next one, and so on …

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