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Three C&F Design Ideas That
Revolutionized Fly Boxes

Micro Slit Foam

Revolutionary Micro Slit Foam – the perfect way to carry and store flies

What an amazing improvement in fly boxes! Try it just once and you’ll agree
that patented Micro Slit Foam is the world’s best way to store flies. No other
system takes such great care of every aspect, from hook to hackle. Just slide the
hooks along slits in the foam, and the foam grabs the bend in the hook, securing
barbed and barbless flies alike with a snug but gentle fit that always stays in
place. Hooks stay straight and flies won’t mat.
This unique design is the result of years of development in the lab and on the
water, and it’s taken refinement after refinement to create a box with such
exceptional functionality.

Threader Fly Boxes

The New Way to Faster Fishing

Another great C&F Design innovation, this unique tool makes threading fly eyes easier than ever, and we have
boxes specially designed to hold threaders and simplify their use. Each box features a foam rack that holds the
threaders in place for fast access. Boxes also feature large white faces that make seeing and working with small
flies especially easy.

1. Slide the eye of the fly hook over the threader.           3. Hold tag end and tippet. Slide hook over both.

2. Thread the tippet through the small loop of the threader.  4. Then hold fly on tippet while pulling tag end back through threader.

Waterproof Fly Boxes

Technological Persistence

It’s taken years of repeated trial and error to achieve a high level of waterproof
performance. Innovative design and precision engineering have teamed to
create an effective seal with a recessed silicone gasket and positive locking
system. It’s technology that keeps moisture and rust out where it belongs.

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