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Spudz Anti-Fog Cleaner
Has a unique formulation to clean and provide a protective barrier for all lens surfaces. From
hunting and fishing to photography and golf, Anti-Fog is the right product to keep your optics
clear and fog free. Available in a kit with Spudz or individually.
Use Spudz Anti-Fog on: camera lens, glasses, ski goggles, scopes, binoculars, windows, mirrors.
Order Code: SPAF00 1/2 ounce bottle Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Fluid Price: 0.00
Order Code: KSP04 Standard Spudz and Anti-Fog Kit Price: 0.00

Wader Wash

Specialized Cleaner for All Waders. Stinky waders are no one’s friend.
Use Wader Wash to eliminate odors and remove stains from all
types of fabric and rubberized waders including GORE-TEX fabric
waders. Unlike home detergents, it won’t clog the pores of waterproof
breathable waders. By removing grime, it actually helps factory
waterproof coatings work better.

2 oz. Concentrate - Order Code: 11110
Price: 2.50
Natural Odor Eliminator for Clothing, Footwear and Gear!
Aquaseal Brand Mirazyme Odor Eliminator!
Mirazyme penetrates into the pores of fabric, rubber and
even hard surfaces to eliminate odor naturally. A blend of 10 unique
microbial elements is fast, effective, and completely safe for the
environment, leaving only C0 and water as by-products.
Mirazyme is ideal for clothing, wet suits, tents, backpacks, waders, rubber
boots, boot liners, foul weather gear, athletic gear, neoprene gloves and
booties, long underwear and more. ANYWHERE ODOR IS A PROBLEM!
This stuff really works. We tried it!

2 ounces - Order Code: 36132 Made in U.S.A.
Price: 1.50

Freeline Fly line treatment

Reduces friction of fly lines to increase line speed, casting distance
and smoothness. FreeLine enhances floatation of dry lines and
increases resistance to sun damage and fading. High tech formula
restores older lines to their original flexible and supple condition
and makes subsequent cleaning easier. Ideal for all fly fishing and
monofilament lines including floating, sinking and sink tip lines.
Preserves other nylon, plastic or vinyl items including chest
packs, back packs, floatation vests and more.

2 ounces - Order Code: 22820
Price: 0.00
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