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Welcome to J:son Match n Catch.

Match n Catch is a system that makes your fy fshing more fun and
exciting, and increases your odds of catching selective fsh.

It gives you information on every insect, its stages and which J:son fy
will most naturally imitate what the fsh are eating at any given time.

Why J:son Flies?
J:son flies are a truly unique combination J:son nymph legs, nymph backs ,tails and
of realism, durability and functionality. antennas are all made of non-toxic silicon.
Qualities that make them one of the most
complete and effective fly collections on The raw material for wings and wing buds
the market today. is a guaranteed toxic-free foil approved by
Swedish health authorities for use in the
J:son dry flies have natural-shaped wings food industry.
that contain air, which - together with an
extended floating foam body - make the The J:son fly collection is produced in
fly virtually unsinkable, leaving a natural collaboration with some of the world s best,
impression on the surface. most well-established and most competent
fy manufacturers.
J:son nymphs are soft and flexible, with
lifelike silhouettes that replicate real insects Join us for better fishing experience at
in the water.
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