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Gary Selig: Daiichi Pro Staff

Gary Selig
Gary`s Flies
363 Chesnut St.
Mertztown PA 19539

Gary Selig is a pro tyer with experience as a commercial tyer. Gary’s forte is designing fly patterns for steelhead and Atlantic salmon.  He loves to invent new flies using the newest tying materials brought to market each year.   Gary’s flies have been featured in books by noted authors. Some of his steelhead flies are included in Flies for Steelhead by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen.

His craftsmanship of Atlantic salmon flies is portrayed in Rare and Unusual Fly-Tying Materials by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils.  In 2001, Gary entered some of his Atlantic salmon flies in the fly tying contest sponsored by Salmon Anglers On-line and won a gold medal for one of his Atlantic salmon streamers.   Over the past 10 years, Gary has devoted much of his time to creating custom tied leaders and his customers call him “The Leader Man”.  Gary blends different brands of leader materials to create the best performing leaders possible, custom-made for whatever species is pursued.  Even though he doesn`t tie as many flies these days, Gary says his heart is still in tying flies.  Of course, his tied creations speak for themselves.

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