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Jack Mickievicz
Jack`s Tackle
8 Heather Lance
Douglasville, PA. 19518

Jack Mickievicz started commercial tying at the age of 12, and later opened a fly shop in 1968.  He developed the spring wire bobbin in 1969, Wing Burners in 1970, co-designed the Renzetti presentation vice, and introduced prepared dubbing to the fly tying market somewhere in the early 70s.

Jack has promoted many common sense improvements to tying tools such as hex handles so they wouldn t roll off the table.  He says,  “Tying tools weren t very good in those days.”  He has always been an advocate for substitution of endangered and threatened species.  He says,  “I don t appreciate the logic in being a member of conservation organizations like TU and FFF while touting ‘Limit your kill, don t kill your limit’,  and at the same time insisting on Indian crow, polar bear, and baby seal for your flies.”   Jack founded the  Dame Juliana League Fly Fishing Federation chapter in 1971.   He wrote for Dick Surette and The Fly Tyer magazine in its early days.   Jack is an accomplished rod maker for both Bamboo and graphite rods. He teaches fly tying and conducts rod-building workshops regularly.   He is currently working on a websight to help beginners with tying tips, techniques, good old common sense and some not so common sense. The site will feature an emergence chart in the form of a database containing 40 years of notes on insects, their colors, pattern matching and pictures.   You can watch the site grow at http://www.geocities.com/fluebinder_19518.

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