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50__kidsontheflyThe following letter was sent to us from Monte Kennedy who founded the “Kids on the Fly” program for youngsters between 10-16 years old. Greetings Bill… (Bill Chase manages our pro-staff) -Thougt I should write you a few lines to let you know the “Kids-on-the-Fly” program is coming along fine. Not only do the kids learn to tie flies, I`ve taken a few out fishing to give them an opportunity to cast the flies they`ve tied, hook a fish and then release it for another angler to enjoy catching. Both Adam and Allyson had that opportunity as shown in the enclosed photo. (see bottom right) Now that all the youngsters are learning to tie on Daiichi Hooks, they will also learn that their hook-up ratio with fish will increase. I know you wanted to see how nice your Daiichi hat looks in action so I had my counterpart at Glendorn Lodge take this photo. (see upper left) I think I managed to convince the people at Glendorn they should order Daiichi hooks if they`re serious about fly tying. I have (included) a “bio” for you with photos. (See in Daiichi pro-staff section-under Daiichi hooks) If in the mean time I can be of help to you, please don`t hesitate to call on me. Best Fishes, Monte Thank you Monte- for your kind words on our hooks but mostly for the dedication and effort you`ve given to these kids and our sport.

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