1220/1222 Darrel Martin's Dry Fly Hook

Daiichi 1220/1222 – The Ultimate Dry Fly Hook – By Bill Chase
This unique dry fly hook was designed by Darrel Martin, a talented fly tyer from the state of Washington. Martin studied fly hook designs and described the dry fly hook paradigm or perfect theoretical design in his book Micropatterns, Tying & fishing the Small Fly, in 1994. He took into consideration factors such as the angle of pull, deflection, deformation, and hook
point angle, and combined them into a hook design with an upturned shank. The Daiichi1220/1222 hook series is a factory made version of Martin’s original design.

This hook has features that modern fly tyers appreciate – wide gape, mini-barb, small neat eyes and sharp points. The upturned shank presents the wings on Mayfly Dun patterns in a very natural, angled-back position. The 1222 model features our LowViz silver finish which renders the hook almost completely invisible from a fish’s view looking up, with the sky as the

Because the 1220/1222 was designed using scientific principals and because the 1222 is extremely “LowViz”, knowledgeable tyers and fly fishers consider the 1222 as the ultimate dry fly hook in the market today. Darrel Martin deserves a lot of credit for this remarkable design.

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