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Varivas Midge Super Tippet
Midge Super Tippet comes with a "Resin Coating" and a "Non-Stress Coating". Now you can fish the smallest flies with confidence. This material has all of the great characteristics of SUPER TIPPET plus the benefit of greater than normal break strengths at super fine diameters. The MIDGE SUPER TIPPET material is one of Varivas' highest grade VA-G lines. VA-G identifies lines which result in "1 rank higher" break strength for a given diameter. For example, a 12 lb. break strength diameter line in traditional material would test at 14 lbs. break strength in VA-G lines. This gives Varivas the confidence to offer MIDGE SUPER TIPPET material down to a size of 12x, or .0026˝ in diameter. Wow!
Sizes 8x to 12x
30m spools

SKU Description Size Sugg. Retail
VTM-308 8X - .0038" Diameter - 2.05lb. 30 Meters $12.00
VTM-309 9X - .0034" Diameter - 1.66lb. 30 Meters $12.00
VTM-310 10X - .0030" Diameter - 1.37lb. 30 Meters $12.00
VTM-311 11X - .0028" Diameter - 1.17lb. 30 Meters $12.00
VTM-312 12X - .0026" Diameter - 1.06lb. 30 Meters $12.00

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