Vosseler DC2 Reel



Owning one will lead to fly reel loyalty!

No question. This gem satisfies the fisherman’s highest demands in the fly fishing disciplines.

Fresh water fly fishing
Light saltwater fly fishing
just about any kind of fly fishing … .

Perfect drag system,
Timeless 5-spoke-design,
Discreet escapement system,
Finest surface finish.

Great looking too!

The DC2 convinces every enthusiastic fly fisherman with its standard qualities: high resistance to breakage and precise workmanship.

Just the way you would expect a straightforward high-tech product to perform. With its weight of scarcely 150 grams, it still masters convincingly hard fighting fish, no matter how bad-tempered they may be.

Get one today and become a fly reel loyalist!


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DC2 3/4 DC2 5/6 DC2 7/8
Weight (approx) 131 gr. 145 gr. 165 gr.
Depth of spool 11 mm 13 mm 16 mm
Width of spool 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Width of reel (without handle) 37 mm 37 mm 37 mm
Diameter of reel (without reelfoot) 73 mm 83 mm 93 mm

DC2-3/4 – line class WF 3/4 + 50 m of backing

DC2-5/6 – line class WF 5/6 + 75 m of backing

DC2-7/8 – line class WF 7/8 + 100 m of backing


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