Vosseler RCL Reels



Fly fishing can be so simple.

This version of the classic RC-reel is equipped with a large-arbor spool.

The enlarged diameter of the spool gives a filigree look to the RC design but is also well-thought-out.

The change in leverage supports a smooth start under load
while reducing the so-called memory-effect of fly lines.
They are wound around the reel-core in a considerably extended dimension however with fewer turns.
The result?   A perfect combination of less starting resistance
and faster recoiling.

No damage-prone parts
Visual understatement
Only the finest materials
just a reliable partner for light fishing for trout and similar species.
Fly fishing can be so simple.

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Weight (approx) 126 gr. 136 gr.
Depth of spool 15 mm 17 mm
Width of spool 24 mm 24 mm
Width of reel (without handle) 39 mm 39 mm
Diameter of reel (without reelfoot) 73 mm 83 mm

RC2 L line class WF 4 +30 m of backing

RC3 L line class WF 5/6 +50 m of backing


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