Vosseler S2 Spool – Titanium

Vosseler Reel S2 Titanium


“S” stands for “saltwater”. Or “S” could mean “splendid”.

Or “S” is for the noise you hear
when a fish is pulling the line against the drag.

Pause to appreciate . . .
the reel’s smooth start without jerking;
the never-ending drag that no large fish can overpower.

In hard fishing challenges and no matter under what conditions,
this excellent reel masters catching the big ones.
If two-hand casters on the Deschutes in Washington State,
on the banks of the Mörrum River in Sweden,
or the Orkla River in Norway think fondly of their S-reel,
then we made everything right.

This reel functions reliably without constant attention. That is what we expect it to do – and so it does.

So, don’t worry about your S Reel but concentrate on your pool or the salmon running right in front of you.

You will hear it sing in good time . . . after the hookup! “Sssssssssst”

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S1 S2 S3
Weight (approx) 222 gr. 236 gr. 259 gr.
Depth of spool 18 mm 23 mm 23 mm
Width of spool 29 mm 34 mm 34 mm
Width of reel (without handle) 48 mm 53 mm 53 mm
Diameter of reel (without reelfoot) 93 mm 103 mm 113 mm

S1 line class 7-9 + 150 m of 20 lbs-backing

S2 line class 8-10 + 150 m of 30 lbs-backing

S3 line class 10-12 + 180 m 30 lbs-backing


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