8 Year Old Oregon Girl Wins State Tying Competition

Meagan Smith, daughter of Daiichi Pro Staff member Monte Smith, started tying flies with her Dad in the summer of 2006 at the age of 7. She showed early promise and thought it would be fun to enter some flies in the Oregon State Fair competition. It was fun, as she won the blue ribbon in the Junior (15 & Under) Category! Meagan was invited to tie at the annual Northwest Fly Tyer’s Expo in March of 2007. There she drew a large crowd to her table as she tied her favorite flies – the Balloon Caddis and a Foam Spider of her own design utilizing multiple colors of foam and Daiichi dry fly hooks – throughout the morning. People were very interested in watching an 8 year-old tie flies; many pictures were taken and a request was made to video her techniques as she worked through a favorite pattern. She spent two days watching and learning from other tyers, met the 12 year-old junior tying champion from Idaho (also a young lady), and gathered more materials for her growing stockpile at home. The current second-grader is sharing her interest in the sport with her friends, and managed to get one neighborhood youngster to take up the craft of fly tying. Her encouragement and enthusiasm convinced him he wanted to be a tyer. They enjoy working on their own patterns and techniques, and even manage to listen to the advice of her father once in awhile. Informal classes have begun where “new” patterns are learned and more techniques are polished. Congratulations to Meagan on her early fly tying career. She’s off to a good start! Submitted by: Monte Smith

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