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ASG Designs

Meet the UFO!

                                                           The Ultimate Fly Organizer

                                                           This is the hottest box we’ve seen in some time!
                                                           It’s strong. It’s light. It’s well made. It’s unique.
                                                           It’s very affordable. Made from tough yet flexible
                                                           MBS plastic, the UFO has a ripple foam surface
                                                           mounted on a swingleaf which acts as the cover for
                                                           a compartment section of 10 or 16 compartments.
                                                           The hinged swingleaf snaps shut via an internal
                                                           catch to protect flies in their compartments. Comes
                                                           in a 6” x 3 1/2” x 1 1/8” size which fits in most shirt

                                                           The boxes are translucent so you can see your
                                                           flies on either the foam side or the compartment
                                                           side. Features include twin brass hinges, a positive
                                                           “snap-tight” lid closure, positively mated lids and
                                                           bases with excellent “fit and finish”, quality closed
                                                           cell ethafoam with good memory, and an overall
                                                           weight of only 3.4 ounces. Imprintable.

All this for an MSRP under $20.00. Throw away all your
other boxes!!

Order code: AS510 (10 compartment) AS516 (16 compartment)


E-Z Ryder Midge Boxes                                           AS120

More E-Z Ryder Boxes, this time in a                       NEW
midge size. Configured in three styles: 12
compartments, EasyGrip Foam in the base,                               AS121
and a magnetic base. Clear ABS plastic with
full stainless hinge and snap closure. Full
partitions in the compartment box are flush
to the lid to keep flies where they belong.
Magnet version will not rust. Boxes will fit in
any pocket. Imprintable.


All boxes are 4 3/8” x 3” x 3/4”

SKU	Description
AS120	 Midge with white magnet base
AS121	 Midge with EasyGrip Foam in base
AS122	 Midge with 12 compartments


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