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C&F Fly Boxes


                         Waterproof Fly Boxes
                         Magnetic Waterproof Fly Boxes
                         Original Fly Boxes
                         Fly Filing Systems

                Common Features

                         Micro Slit Foam

                                   Micro Slit Foam is a concept by C&F Design for improved
                                   fly storage. Rows of foam hold a wide range of hooks gently
                                   but securely. Notches help locate the Micro Slits, making fly
                                   organization a breeze.

                         Staggered Foam Layout

                                   Micro Slit Foam panels are attached to the case shell so as not
                                   to damage fly wings and hackles.

                         Ergonomically Rounded Corners

                                   Square corners that tend to catch on pocket zippers at critical
                                   moments are removed.

                         Positive Snap or Magnetic Closures

                                   These features make the handling of the box easier in cold or
                                   wet conditions.

                         Optional Flip Pages

                                   A flip page increases the capacity of the box especially for
                                   smaller flies.

                         Slit Orientation

                                   If you open the box with the right hand, the slots will face
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